Philip Sebastian


Philip Sebastian

Startup Founder, Product Designer.

Pitching RecurPal to  Semil   |    “Always Be Closing”

Pitching RecurPal to Semil | “Always Be Closing”

Hi, my name is Philip Sebastian.

Previously I was at YC SUS 18, Imgur, Apple , SAP.

Currently Im the lead cheerleader (and CEO) at RecurPal. (Its like truebill but for companies)

I also built a few music apps on IOS— that later evolved into Kado.

Ask me about product market fit, starting a company, FintTech, music. I also love helping others, supporting real-global problems, building progressive communities, animals, and meeting interesting people that want to change the world. 

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With 9 years experience. Philip Sebastian is relentless and driven by curiosity— both as a designer and entrepreneur. He spends most of his days thinking about the future and how to improve peoples lives through technology.

Previously he worked with some of the top leading brands in both hardware & enterprise software (Apple, SAP)— building analytic dashboard tools for fortune 500 companies globally, prototype software tools and consumer products.

If you're interested in learning more. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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