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I’ve been a San Francisco based designer for the past several years. After strengthening my skills in User Experience, User Interface, & Visual design over the years, I shifted my focus on startup with the desire to build my own products that benefit people’s lives and provide intentional, accessible experiences. This was not an easy decision but I took a leap a faith and quit my cozy corporate job to excel, learn and expand in my professional career. But more on that at another time.

Currently I’m the ceo & founder of a fully-funded startup at Bankroll, working to help teenagers learn about good spending habits and support families with financial resources.

Last year, I built a software SaaS business and I hired a small team of diverse to help me solve the explosion of SaaS subscriptions.

My interest in starting a business has helped me fully understand how difficult it is to build and solve problems for users. These challenges and opportunities have also allowed me think more holistically as a product owner and be more thoughtful as a team player!