"If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late" R.H.

πŸ‘‹ Hi, I’m Philip Sebastian.
Software Product Designer, Founder, Cycler, from San Francisco.


10+ yrs





Design Hours




Acc. Graduate

Experience + Full-time Roles

‍Bankroll β†’
Helping teenagers learn about good spending habits.
CEO & Founder
Make Early Key Hires, Find novel ways to move quickly (or shatter) existing obstacles for growth and adoption. R&D, Product/Engineering Management, Design, MVP, Fundraise.
‍Motown β†’
The modern way to discover & share music with friends.
Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer
I joined a small team of πŸ’ͺ engineers at Motown to change the relationship we have with music and make it more fun and exciting to share and discover music with friends and family. This included branding, product, system, specing, & pretty much everything!
‍Apple β†’
#1 Software + hardware product service.
Sr. Designer
At Apple I was responsible for driving, collaborating, and executing on a shared design vision and strategy for mobile and web, Education and Email Marketing Content team. Project areas included Stats, Storyboarding, Design Critique, New Device + Hardware Spec Editing, Design Systems and Pixel Perfect Production Quality Execution! Impacting over 400M users a month.
‍Calm β†’
Largest meditation, sleep and relaxation app.
Designing a New Shopping Experience
Pre-unicorn days: I met with Alex Tew (the CEO at Calm) and we brainstormed together some ideas around a new shopping experience. The goal was to keep things simple, intuitive and consistent with the brand.
‍Build by SAP β†’
No-code prototype tool for enterprise software companies.
Sr. User Experience Designer
Designer #3. I designed the first no-code prototype builder at SAP for enterprise clients. I conducted research, re-organized the information architecture, A/B test, and provided a new Four-pane interface for the end user. The goal was to build the first cloud based prototype tool for enterprise software and make any design changes in a fraction of the time! (mission accomplished!)
‍RecurPal β†’
B2B Subscription SaaS manager to reduce unwanted spending or duplicate services all in one place.
CEO & Founder
Build the Structure of the Team/Company, R&D, Hire Key People, User Interviews, A/B Test, Design, MVP, Fundraise, Execute-Execute-Execute!
Fanhattan TV (acquired)β†’
TV Show and Movie discovery app to watch and share movies.
UX Designer
One of my first design gigs awhile back. At the time, I was the first UX Designer to work on their Television Hardware and Television User Interface. Competing directly with Apple TV and Netflix. Very early days. I helped design their Beta Launch and TV navigation settings page. This included, lots of wireframes, animation, specing, storyboarding, and prototyping.
‍imgur β†’
The largest place to discover viral images and memes.
Sr. Designer
I joined Imgur in 2017 where I helped design the logo(4.7B daily views), mobile/web app. Words cannot describe the blood, sweat, tears and hundred illustrations &Β wire-framing that went into this project. I also designed ad blocks to increase revenue for the company.
Buddy App by Google β†’
Find a pet based on your lifestyle.
Product Designer
Exploring a new concept to help pets find a new home based on personality traits.
Partner Companies

Design & UX Process

‍‍Empathetic Discovery Phase: Market research, Competitive analysis, Conduct interviews, Competitor reviews, User Research + Survey Metrics, User Stories, User Flows, Personas, and scenarios, Record and Analyze each session.
Define & Ideate: Feature Matrix, Brainstorm, communicate structure, information architecture and navigation design.
Prototype: Wireframes and rough prototypes. Find feasibility with engineers and the team. Rinse & Repeat.
Test & Repeat: Visual, interface and interaction design. Rinse & Repeat. Functional specs and production design.
Test: Evaluate, Analytics, Rinse & Repeat.


πŸŽ“ B.F.A. in Computer Arts New Media & Psychology
SF State University & Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA

πŸ… Design Thinking + LaunchPad
(Accelerator Program)
‍Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

πŸŽ– Certificate of Completion
β€’ User Experience Interaction Design
β€’ UX+Interaction Design - Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D.

Experience & Skills

🀠 Leadership
πŸš€ User Experience Design
πŸ‘₯ User Research
πŸš— Usability Testing
πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ Contextual Inquiries
πŸ§ͺ Heuristic Evaluation
πŸ“ Content Strategy
Surveys User Flows
πŸ’° Fundraising
πŸ‘« Customer Interviews
πŸ›  Prototyping
πŸ“Š Business Development
🎨 Visual Design
🌏 Universal Design

Professional Interests

πŸŽ™ Podcasts related to Innovation + Product design

🌱 Mentoring next-gen designers

πŸ™Š Mastering design critiques

πŸ“ Measuring UX team impact

βš›οΈ Atomic design systems

πŸ“ Content Strategy

❓ Survey design (yeah its a thing)


Team Culture
Design Feedback
Design Sprints


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