Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals based in New York • 11-50 employees
Project Management, workflow DevOps, Web/Mobile Dev., Product Design, Branding, Typography, Prototype, UX/UI
June 2021 - March, 2023 (2 years)
Webflow, Slack, Figma, Google Slides,, SalesForce,, Zapier, Ganalytics, JavaScript
My Role

In my role as Entrepreneur Design in Residence at Manhattan Venture Partners, I significantly contributed to refining both the brand's external presentation and the efficiency of internal operations. Leading the charge on a comprehensive update of the company's digital presence, I initiated and executed the transition of the website from WordPress to Webflow. This move wasn't just about changing platforms; it involved designing the website from scratch with a focus on user experience, grounded in thorough competitor analysis, customer research, and extensive wireframing.

The redesign process was deeply informed by feedback, gathered through surveys from our team and wider user base, aiming to refine our brand's communication. The outcome was a visually appealing and user-friendly website that more accurately represents Manhattan Venture Partners today.

Internally, my efforts were geared towards enhancing workflow efficiencies. By applying design thinking, I developed tailored internal tools, including a bespoke Slack app, to simplify the management of secondary transactions. The strategic use of platforms like Slack, Salesforce, Zapier, and Wealthblock underpinned these improvements, helping to cultivate an environment that values innovation and drives the firm's productivity forward.

My responsibilities also extended to overseeing subcontractors, including copywriters, web developers, and brand designers, ensuring their work aligned with my vision for the firm's brand and website. This collaborative effort was key to the seamless realization of our goals in rebranding and web development.

At Manhattan Venture Partners, my role went beyond conventional design duties, blending user experience strategies, operational improvements, and strategic oversight to significantly uplift the firm's branding and internal processes, establishing a new benchmark for efficiency and innovation within the venture capital industry.

How the site started and how it evolved through iterations over time.
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By creating s Stylescape for the company, which combined images, textures, typography, and colors to define the brand's visual direction, I played a crucial role in aligning our team's vision and ensuring design consistency across all mediums. This initiative was not just about shaping the visual identity; it effectively communicated the brand's identity, strengthening its presence in the market. Moreover, it served as an invaluable resource for everyone internally—our team members, partners, and even the press—who needed anything branding related. Ultimately, this was a huge time saver, streamlining processes and making it easier for everyone to stay on brand without constant back-and-forth for assets and guidelines.