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Product Design, Branding, Logo iconography, typography, Prototype, UX/UI, Mobile, Web
Mobile, Web
IOS, App store
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Oct 2017 - Feb 2018
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My Role

As a Senior Designer at Imgur, I orchestrated the pivotal transition from the beloved giraffe logo to a more contemporary upvote symbol, marking a significant evolution in the company's brand identity. This rebranding was not just about changing an icon; it represented a strategic shift towards discovery and space, aligning perfectly with Imgur's vision for facilitating the exploration of memes, GIFs, and new experiences among friends. The decision to move away from the giraffe, a symbol deeply rooted in Imgur's origins since 2009, was challenging. It required months of planning, countless iterations, and persuasive discussions with Imgur's CEO, Alen, and the team to embrace this change. The giraffe, while endearing, often misled new users into perceiving Imgur as a children's app, affecting its App Store rankings and overall brand perception.

The comprehensive redesign I led encompassed not only the logo but also the mobile and web applications, significantly enhancing user engagement by 44% and reducing bounce rates by 15%. Through intuitive iconography and extensive user research, we crafted an interface that vastly improved navigation and interaction, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience. Collaborating closely with developers, product managers, and stakeholders, we ensured the successful implementation of these changes, adhering to tight timelines without compromising on quality.

The result of our efforts was astonishing: a 26% increase in ad revenue and a 33% rise in signups, proving the effectiveness of our strategic rebranding. This project was not just a testament to our team's creativity and dedication but also a personal milestone, earning me a unique place in the Imgur community. Reflecting on the journey from sketch to launch, this experience stands out as one of the most challenging yet rewarding projects of my career, highlighting the profound impact of thoughtful design on brand evolution and user engagement.

Discovering a new identity for the company in the universe of the modern internet.
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App Icon
The Imgur favicon, designed with precision, captures the essence of community and discovery, crucially enhancing brand visibility across web browsers, the iOS app dock, and as a macOS icon, while also simplifying user navigation through its refined and emblematic form.
The Imgur logo mark, designed with precision and an eye for detail, stands as a testament to the platform's ethos of community and exploration, while also serving over 300 million monthly active users—a critical element for enhancing brand recognition and guiding user navigation within such a vast network.
Serving over 300 million monthly active users
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I crafted over 108 pages of sketches to explore various ideas, finally honing in on the design of the iconic upvote arrow through a process of careful iteration.
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Thumbnail image that was used in dozen of publication's, social media, and advertisements.