Philip Sebastian




Are you starting a company?
Are you switching careers and/or trying to get into startups?
Do you need product feedback or build an MVP?

I have 10 years experience as a designer. Ive worked with every size team imaginable. From 2 engineers to 65 thousand people worldwide.

Ive worked on small projects from the ground up— all the way to releasing products, services, & features to 400 million + active users at scale.

I also have experience starting my own company from my apartment— to incorporating in Delaware, fundraising, hiring a team, speaking at events, launching—and iterating quickly from my mistakes a long the way.

Currently Im an advisor for a few companies and I mentor designers or anyone who want to get into tech or want to start their own company but they dont know how or where to start— so I created this page to help and share some of the things I learned from my own personal experience.



  • MVP

    • Ive done this multiple times and its always an interesting process depending on what you’re building.

  • Going to market

    • One of the most overlooked steps when you’re starting from zero and it can be much more difficult than you’d expect. Both consumer and B2B are very different.

  • Software development & programming

    • I can tell you what I did wrong when I hired my first 3 engineers and what I learned. Hiring is very complex and can take up a lot of your time and energy very quickly! Not easy and I can tell you exactly why and how to make its easier.

  • UX & UI

    • Ive been a designer for 10 years and Im still shocked at how many people (including designers) dont know the difference between UX, UI, IXD, product design, visual design, etc. and why they are all not the same in each organization. I can help with this.

  • Product Management

    • A good product manager is essential but results may vary depends on the startup stage.

  • Career advice

    • Ive switched careers many times and quit two of the largest companies in technology and it never got easier— but its super critical and important for your personal development and growth!

  • Company culture

    • This book changed my life in terms of understanding culture in every organization and I wish I read this sooner: Amazon Book link

  • Fundraising

    • This was very difficult for me(and most founders) in the beginning but you learn a lot about your business, conviction, rejection but it gets easier over time and its a skill that you’re always developing.

  • Hiring

    • I made some good hires and Iv made some bad hires— and you dont want to overlook or underestimate this process. I will show you who to hire in your network, equity split, key traits to look out for, etc. and how to let go of someone if they’re not a good fit without breaking team moral.

  • Advisor/Mentoring

    • I typically mentor first time founders, early stage startups, or designers but Im open to chat and exchange ideas or notes.

Im open for coffee or lunch in the city and any donations are welcome and appreciated! Thank you for your support.


  • Angel/Seed

    • Do you know any investors or someone worth brainstorming with?

  • Incubator/Accelerator

    • Im open to learn about other programs in the FinTech, B2B space.

  • Technology applied to FinTech

    • Feel free to share any tools or recourses with me and I’ll do the same.

  • Software Development

    • Im looking for a Sr. engineer with experience in API’s or banking but not required. Im open to contractors as well.

  • Product Pricing

    • If you know someone with a lot of experience in this area, please let me know! :)


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