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Your Personal DJ Assistant

Kado for Mac OS

The best way to find new tracks for your DJ sets
It's difficult  to find exactly what you need when you need it online but for artist and DJ's, it was more tedious and challenging than we had expected.

Kado is the first Music recommendations software that keeps growing search results based on the music you produce, play, or drag and drop into the platform: SEE HOW IT WORKS »




While I was working at Apple, a friend of mine called me and said he needed some design work on a new product he was working on. We met up for lunch, he shared his vision and problems he discovered with DJ's and artist— not having the right tools and resources and the rest was history. 

How does it work?

The idea is simple. First you drag a song from SoundCloud, iMusic, YouTube, or your own-- into KADO and it will search over 180,000 unique match results. We made the user experience simple and less tedious but the amount of work that it takes to build a search engine like this is complex, and it has to be maintained regularly to enhance the quality of music. Watch the video below or download the software here »

🎩  Role 

⛈   Design Lead

🗺   Wireframing

💬   Copywriting

♻️   Prototyping

👂🏽   UX research

🔸   Animation

📢   Visual design

Product Strategy
User Interface
Visual Design
Marketing pages
Branding and more..


1 Designer
2 Engineers



As we were working on the product, we needed a landing page or somewhere where the users can come to and download our product. I sketched out a few ideas, shared it with the team and these were several ideas I cam up with. The goal was simple, first: make the Download button appear clear and visible. Second: we needed to make the site simple and straight to the point in one page so I asked myself: How can users understand who we are under 2 seconds? should we have video or not? How long should the video be? Why? Based on these questions, I was able to organize the content and put together some examples. 

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