Philip Sebastian
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BUILD is a cloud-based, collaborative design tool that allows non-technical users to compose interactive prototypes with realistic sample data, making it easier to capture more accurate user feedback and jumpstarting development.



Almost 3 years as a Sr. UX Designer at SAP. One day, my manager asked me if I wanted to work on a 'special' project with 'X' team. At the time I was eager to work on something brand new (not build on top) so I quickly jumped on the opportunity. When I joined, there were only 4 people and it was just an idea and a couple sketches on a whiteboard here and there. The code name for this project was called 'Norman' and we couldn't share anything until we proved to our stakeholders-- we could make this a viable product.

Long story short, we knew the problem we were trying to solve was real and the hypothesis had already been validated, but, what I found interesting was, the company attempted to create this product almost 4 times in the past but no one had succeeded. Eventually, one team in Germany got close but the product pivoted into a different direction and it became Web IDE (Integrated Development Environment), a web-based tool that empowers users to rapidly create and extend applications for browser and mobile devices. It simplifies the end-to-end application lifecycle: prototyping, development, packaging, deployment, and customer extensions for SAP Fiori and SAPUI5 applications. Basically, almost the opposite of BUILD. 

In conclusion: I was one of the first designers on the team-- later they got more traction and grow to over 100+ and the impact we made as a team is unscalable. Very proud to have worked on this project with such a talented team! 


Panel and web Applications

The entire concept for Build was a great idea but for engineering, it was nightmare... When I started designing, I came across a lot of usability problems and I knew the 'UI Shell' had to be broken down into several parts. I also decided to come up with a new interaction model (A1, A2). During this process, the team also found critical UI design problems and decided to redesign the entire framework. 


Project Orginization

As Build became more powerful and complex, the product team was asked to support organizing content and files as a project. Build had a feature called Boards to organize your projects. However, the design was very confusing and almost unusable. A wireframes below were a new design proposal.



After breaking the UI Shell in separate parts, I began to explore the integration notifications based on user feedback and explore different UI options-- using the logo as a color reference, adjust spec measurements, and balance the overall hierarchy composition: History Navigation, Submenu tools, and micro animations (side bar).




Video Demo

In this video you will see the live demo of the product and observe the last state it was in-- before I switched teams. BUILD is now a live product and in use.